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And no, I’m not talking about new television show Revolution, although after watching the first couple of episodes I’m afraid that’s true.  Nor am I talking about the first episode of Elementarywhich I was surprised to find I actually liked.  In fact, I’m not referring to a television show at all, and I’m not even sure why I brought it up.

I am referring to Resident Evil 6, the latest in the survival horror turned action shoot-em-up video game franchise .

I’ve been a fan of the Resident Evil games ever since I first played through Resident Evil 2 over the course of several nights in high school with a couple of friends.  We had a big screen, a dark room, and junk food.  It was fantastic.  I had the original Resident Evil on computer (no PS1 at the time), and I eventually accumulated my own copy of 2 on the Dreamcast, along with 3 and Code Veronica.  I own the remake of 1 on the Gamecube, along with 0 and 4.  But my most recent experience was co-opping my way through Resident Evil 5 with my friend Brian over spring break a couple of years ago.  We would play everyday during my son’s nap time.  It was fun, but I was keen on the ‘more action less horror’ path they seemed to be taking with it.  It’s like the games started becoming more like the movies instead of vice versa.

And now Resident Evil 6 comes along, and the critics are not pulling any punches.  It currently sits at a 66 on Metacritic, which, for as big a game as this is, is a  pretty terrible score.  Most of the descriptions confirm my fears;  lot’s of big action set pieces, very few moments of true horror.  I hate that.  Especially because the early trailers seemed to indicate it was going back that direction.  I’ll probably still get the game at some point.  But I’ll wait until it’s a bargain.

On a related note.  If you are looking for a zombie survival horror game done right, you will do no better than Tell-Tale’s The Walking Dead.  I’m a long-time fan of the comic, and the TV show, but this game blows away even my high expectations.  This is survival horror with an emphasis on survival.  It’s a game about making hard decisions when the world falls apart, and they don’t mess around either.  You have a finite amount of time with every choice, and if you waffle too much, the game just goes on.  So far I’ve had to choose who to save when two people are being attacked at once, what to do when a man gets his foot caught in a bear trap, and how to dole out four rations to ten people.   It’s a rough game.  Perfect for The Walking Dead.



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