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Yesterday my son woke up with a fever of 101.5 and a raspy cough.  He’s nearly twenty-two months old and this is only the second time I remember him having fever.  We gave him some Motrin, and his fever was gone, but he never got up to his usual intense level of play all day long.  This morning when he woke up with a fever again, we took him to his pediatrician.  They did a strep culture and a couple of other tests.   No strep, no ear infections, nothing.  It seems to be a little virus he’s picked up somewhere.  For some reason, Gabe was inconsolable in the doctor’s office.  He was relatively fine all day, just kind of fussy and lethargic, but at the doctor he just sobbed the whole time.  I think the poor guy was having vaccination flashbacks since the only time he ever really goes there is to get a shot.

Anyway, that’s the reason there hasn’t been any exciting posts lately.

By the way, if you were enticed here by the title of this post in the hopes that you were going to see disgusting and disturbing images and/or an overly descriptive and tasteless narrative, I’d just like to say go away and freak someone else  out, you weirdo.


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