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It’s homecoming week and that means there is going to be a parade in town this Friday.  It also means that since I’m a junior class sponsor I’ve been helping with the Junior class float this week.  The theme is smack in my comfort zone – Star Wars: The Badgers Strike Back.  How easy is that?  If you have even a passing acquaintance with Star Wars a dozen cool ideas probably just popped into your head.  I know I immediately started thinking of all the large-scale, elaborate floats that you could put together, with giant TIE Fighters, a Millennium Falcon, a platform where Darth Badger stood over a one-handed yellow jacket dangling over an abyss.

Yeah, I don’t know how to build any of that stuff.

Also, we’ve had maybe a grand total of eight juniors show up to work on that thing over the last two days.  Remember when you were in school, and people seemed to care more about this stuff?  What happened?

I’m sorry if you read the title of this post and froze in fear at the idea that a clown hiding in a storm drain was about to reach out and rip your arm off.  Want a balloon?

Update: Some parents/elementary teachers came in and started running the show the other night.  Bless them.  Our float is going to be pretty nice now, with a giant Yoda and everything.


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