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I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it.  If you aren’t watching The Walking Dead on AMC, you are missing one of the best shows on television.  The 3rd Season just started last night, so get Netflix and get caught up.


While your at it.  Get The Walking Dead game.  A finer depiction of survival at the end of the world is hard to come by.


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Academy Award

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Did you think Thor was one of the best movies you saw this year?  Well it wasn’t, and I’ve got the list to prove it.   That’s right, today the Academy announced this years Oscar

nominees.   Now you can find out what you should have been watching instead of The Hangover II: Hangovier.   Because, really, if I’m going to let someone else tell me what life choices I should make, I could do worse than a mysterious committee of rich, Hollywood types.

I’ve watched a grand total of one of the nine movies up for Best Picture.  So I think it’s time to modify my Netflix queue and see if I can fit a few more in before the big night.  Although I’ll really be tuning in to make sure “Man or Muppet” wins Best Song.


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I said last year that what I tend to set for the new year are goals more than resolutions, because some of what I want to accomplish seems rather frivolous and doesn’t actually make me a better person in any way (I do tend to set a few resolutions, but, seeing as how we’ve only known each other for a little while, I think I’ll keep some to myself for now).

So here are my goals, resolutions, and well-meanings for 2012.

1.)Work out regularly – I managed to keep my weight under 200 lbs. this year, and I want to make sure I continue that, but at the same time I’ve also managed to not really work out for about a year.  My weight is mostly managed by a weekly, albeit very rigorous, basketball game, and a little tennis.  So while I have kept my weight down, I’ve lost strength and muscle mass.  It’s time to fix that.

2.)Read 35 books (at least 8 nonfiction).  I read 30 last year and reread The Lord of the Rings, so I think the increase is doable.  I’m not to my brother’s level of reading 50 or 60, but I’m working my way there.

3.)Watch 5 movies a month on average – I want to make sure my Netflix subscription is worth it.  I set out to watch 6 a month last year, but I just don’t have time to do that.  Most of my movie watching (unless it’s a Pixar film seen for the nth time) has to occur after lights out time for my son, and by then I’m tired.

4.)Finish more video games than I buy – 2011 foiled me again!  This year I just resolve to by far fewer games.  It’s like when they go on sale I think they’ll never be available again.  As if they haven’t been on sale for the same price five times before that.  I’m such a sucker.

5.)Pray more – I resolve this every year.  I hope I’m getting better.

6.)Enjoy my family – I used to put ‘Spend as much time with my family as I can’, but I think I like this wording better.

Now hand me that controller and lets get to work on some of these.

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Ah, a new year.  Time to look back on the past year and see which goals I met, and which goals I fell short on.

Movies – I watched a lot of movies this year.  57 to be exact.  7 of which were movies I was re-watching (although I was shooting for 10).  I like to set a goal for how many movies to watch, so I can make sure my Netflix subscription is worth it.

Books – I met my goal of books to read.  I wanted to read 30, at least five of which were nonfiction, and re-read The Lord of the Rings.  Well I read 34, including Lord, and 8 were nonfiction.  I’ve already got a book queue building up for this year.

Video Games – My goal is always to complete more games than I buy.  Counting games that were gifts, I didn’t do it.  I did beat 15 games however.

Health – I kept my weight under 200 lbs for another year.   Time to celebrate with some Christmas candy!  I set a goal to play more tennis matches…and failed.

Writing – I wrote a bunch of blog posts, but that was about it.  At least it’s something.

Family – One of my goals is always to spend as much time with my family as I can.  I never reach it, but I always want to be working to get better.

How did you do on your last year’s resolutions?

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The young Hebrew David hoists the head of the ...

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From David and Goliath to Rudy to Dances with Wolves, you know the story; the plucky underdog rises up to overcome his oppressor against impossible odds.  Whether your obstacle is a physical giant, being Sean Astin, or the White Man, it doesn’t matter.  Sometimes the little guy wins.

Sometimes Blogjammin’ wins too.

It’s not for glory or honor, that we here at Blogjammin’ – and by ‘we’ I mean me; I say this strictly for the sake of accuracy, mind you, not out of desire for individual praise – stick our humble, small, if rather attractive necks out to take on the ruthless giant.  It’s for you.  It’s for the people who need someone to stand up to them.  It’s for the people who don’t know where to turn when they are being taken advantage of.  Who don’t know who will protect them when the strong believe they are too small, and weak, and broken to fight back.

Blogjammin’ is a public service.

And we are victorious.

It’s not easy to take on big business, but it’s even harder to take them down.   Some might look at us and judge us by our hit count.  They might say we are but one small voice crying out in the wilderness, what good could we possibly hope to accomplish.  To them I say we may be one voice, but we are loud, full-bodied, and pleasing to listen too.

And that can be a powerful thing.

I always knew Blogjammin’ was meant for great things, I just didn’t know they would be so great, and so soon.  Maybe in the third year at the earliest, but certainly no longer than five.  I mean, let’s be reasonable here.  But I can’t take all the credit.  Wordpress.com also played their role by hosting free blogs whether they be mundane or remarkable.

So what, you might ask, did we do?  As if you didn’t know.  That’s okay, I like to hear the story again too.  I’m certain you recall that just last month I published this post.  And what do we see in the news today?

Netflix abandons Qwikster.

You’re welcome, world.

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What happened to us, Netflix?  Where did we go wrong?  Apparently you’ve been unhappy with our relationship for a long time, but I didn’t know.  I’ve always paid on time.  I hardly ever report damaged movies.  Was I keeping DVD’s too long before sending them back?  Did I take your promise of no late fees for granted?

Why can’t we go back to the way things were?  We’ve been together for so long now – since 2005.  You sent me The Aviator, and we spent all evening on the couch.  We spent hours together building my queue and rating movies.  I got two movies at a time, because I didn’t think I could handle anymore, even though I wanted to.  I remember I was attracted to your convenience and huge catalog of movies I would never be able to find at Movie Gallery.  Then one day you started to offer online streaming.  Sure you didn’t have a lot of quality things to watch at first, but I supported you.  Then when you were able to stream all of Starz content, I was so happy for you.  I got a blu-ray player, and even though you charge more for blu-ray discs, I was happy to pay it.  We watched some great movies and tv shows together that I probably never would have seen otherwise:  The Devil’s Backbone, The Sopranos, and a lot of Hitchcock.  I thought we were having so much fun.

It all seemed to go bad so fast.  First it’s the price hikes.  I know content is expensive.  I understand the market is competitive.  But did it all have to come at once?  My bill is going up over $5 a month.  That may not seem like much, but that’s like five movie rentals at Redbox.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t fair, and I know how sensitive you are about the Red- I mean, those guys, but it’s true.

Anyway, it’s not just the higher prices.  I might could look past those.  Now I find out you’re splitting your DVD rentals and your streaming in two?  Two bills on my credit card?  Two websites?  Two queues?  Two places to rate movies?  I don’t even know who you are anymore?  Should I still call you Netflix, or are you Qwikster now?  Qwikster.  Who calls themself that?  It’s the type of name Johnny Cash would say makes you get tough or die.

I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have said that.  I’m just angry.

I don’t know what to do, Netflix.  I want to stay together, and I know you say you do too, but everything you do keeps pushing me away.  They say there are other fish in the sea, you know.

Just something you might want to think about.


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Did everyone watch the Oscar’s last night?  I attended the annual Nickelson formerly Sandlin Oscar watch party as usual.  And a great time was had by all, also as usual.  Here are a few of my thoughts about the awards and the show.

  • I’ve really got to see The King’s Speech.  Wins in Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor, and I haven’t even watched it yet.  It’s moving to the top of my Netflix queue as soon as it’s out.
  • Is there any chance for another movie to win Best Animated Feature if one of them is already up for Best Picture?
  • Was it just me, or did James Franco seem really flat and off on his delivery.  At least his co-host compensated by acting like a giggly teenager.
  • It seems like the journey from front-man for industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails to winning the Academy Award for Best Original Score would make for a good movie itself.  Was that really Trent Reznor up there?
  • I like it when movies like Alice in Wonderland win Best Costume Design.  It seems to me that it would be much harder to come up with costumes for a fantasy setting, where stuff only exists in a book, than a period piece where we have actual clothes and pictures to look at.
  • I wish Winter’s Bone had won something.  It’s a great movie.
  • I long for the day when JMC Films is finally recognized for their brilliant work in live-action shorts.

It was a good night and a fun party.  Now I need to get busy watching some movies.

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