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Ah, a new year.  Time to look back on the past year and see which goals I met, and which goals I fell short on.

Movies – I watched a lot of movies this year.  57 to be exact.  7 of which were movies I was re-watching (although I was shooting for 10).  I like to set a goal for how many movies to watch, so I can make sure my Netflix subscription is worth it.

Books – I met my goal of books to read.  I wanted to read 30, at least five of which were nonfiction, and re-read The Lord of the Rings.  Well I read 34, including Lord, and 8 were nonfiction.  I’ve already got a book queue building up for this year.

Video Games – My goal is always to complete more games than I buy.  Counting games that were gifts, I didn’t do it.  I did beat 15 games however.

Health – I kept my weight under 200 lbs for another year.   Time to celebrate with some Christmas candy!  I set a goal to play more tennis matches…and failed.

Writing – I wrote a bunch of blog posts, but that was about it.  At least it’s something.

Family – One of my goals is always to spend as much time with my family as I can.  I never reach it, but I always want to be working to get better.

How did you do on your last year’s resolutions?


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I don’t know about the rest of you, but we still have one Christmas to go.  My brother and his family will be in town tomorrow night, so we’ll be going to my parents for one last Christmas hurrah for 2011.  I love Christmas, so as exhausting as it is to go everywhere we go, see everyone we see, and eat all of the food that we eat, I wouldn’t want to skip any of them.

One of my favorite traditions is making pizza on Christmas Eve at my parent’s house.

Yeah, I ate way too much of that.  And then again the next day.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Now onward to 2012.

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Merry Christmas!

Here’s hoping that you have a great Christmas this weekend with the people you love.

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And I know just the way:

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There’s nothing quite like getting a great big box delivered to you, ripping them open, and digging around in the packing material to find hidden treasure.  Today, our science department finally got all of the nice new equipment we ordered – two huge boxes filled with the above Vernier Labquests, and tons of probes to go with them, all made possible with money from the AAIMS grant and our school.  It’s really cool stuff, and I can’t wait to start using it in lab.

By the way, that’s a touch screen on that thing.  They’re so cool!

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I don’t know why, but I’ve had Christmas songs on the mind lately.  This is the only version of this song that I don’t get tired of at 5 gold rings.  My hypothesis?  Muppets make everything better.

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If anyone out there is still trying to figure out what to get me for Christmas and they have a spare $300,000 or so lying around, consider this officially added to my wishlist.

LONDON – For sale: A chance to embrace the dark side.

Christie’s auction house is selling an original Darth Vader costume from the “Star Wars” movie franchise.

The outfit — a jet-black helmet, mask and armor — is expected to sell Thursday for between 160,000 pounds and 230,000 pounds ($250,000 to $365,000).

Christie’s says the costume is thought to have been made for “The Empire Strikes Back,” the second film in George Lucas’s sci-fi series, released in 1980.

The auction house’s head of popular culture, Neil Roberts, says the costume is one of the most iconic in the history of cinema.

Christie’s did not name the seller, identified only as an American private collector.

If I owned that, I’d wear it to teach in and discipline would be a thing of the past.

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