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We’re doing something a little different at church this summer.  Every Sunday night of June and July, we’ll have a different guest speaker.  They’ll be mostly preachers from the surrounding area, but I noticed at least one Harding professor on there.  Here’s a link to all of the info on our church website.  I also thought it would be a good idea to post the flyer here.  Our Sunday night worship begins at 5:00.  This is something that’s a little different from anything we’ve done in the past.  If it interests you, we’d love for you to come.  If it interests you, but you can’t feasibly make it to Beebe, Arkansas (I’m looking at my two views from Iceland here!), you’ll be able to stream the talks from the ‘Sermons’ tab on the church website.

Summer Lecture Series Flier


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At the risk of this blog descending from sophisticated literary posts to the deluded rantings of a nut-job, I’ve noticed some other odd goings-on lately besides the uncanny similarities between Papa John’s and Pizza Pro.  Specifically I’m talking about gas prices in Beebe.  First let me explain to you how gas prices in Beebe worked for years and years.  The Citgo at the junction of Dewitt Henry and Center tends to have the lowest prices.  Just down the road are an Exxon and a Shell station, and their prices hover about 3-4 cents above the Citgo.  Nearly everyone else in town has comparable prices to Exxon and Shell, and all of them, without exception, are about 10 cents higher than any gas station in any surrounding town.

Until recently.

It started a couple of weeks ago.  The ratio of prices stayed roughly the same, Citgo was still a couple of cents cheaper than the others, but, suddenly, Beebe’s gas stations were lower than everywhere else.  Searcy was higher.  Jacksonville was higher.  Even Cabot was higher.  At first I assumed they just hadn’t gotten around to raising them yet, and we had a one-day (or maybe even one-hour) window to get cheaper gas at home.

But the next day it was the same.

And the next.

And the next.

Eventually the prices went up, but they were still comparable to everyone else, not way higher.  And now they’ve dropped again.  I drove through town last week and noticed that Exxon, normally one of the highest, was lower than everyone else by about 8 cents.  I figured everyone else would immediately follow suit.  They did, but not as quickly as I expected.  Then tonight, we went to fill up at the Shell station (because it was the same price as Citgo), and noticed that Exxon was 18 cents higher!

What is going on?

It’s long been speculated, that all of the gas station owners in Beebe come together regularly to determine where to set their prices.  As far as I can tell, they wanted them just high enough that they made a lot of profit, but not so high that people were willing to drive out of town for gas.  Now I don’t know what’s going on.  It’s kind of like when the mafia Don who was able to unite all of the families dies, and then everyone left starts all out war to stake their claims.  I used to think I could predict the relative gas prices in Beebe, but not anymore.  I just left a gas station and I wouldn’t be confident telling you what the current prices are.

But as long as they’re cheaper than everyone else, who cares?

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Teaching can be a frustrating job.  Sure it’s part time work, we get paid loads of money and people are falling all over themselves to give us benefits, but it can still be stressful.  Sometimes it can be sort of like trying to get my two-year old to stay in bed at night, only that’s easier because I can physically carry him back to his room and lay him on his bed.  I can’t physically open the heads of my students and drop in Chemistry and physics.


Frustration increases exponentially  as we get closer to the end of the year.  Somebody should graph it.  I predict a nice upward curve.  It’s even worse if you are trying to motivate seniors to learn something their last few days because as far as they’re concerned the last day of school was somewhere in the vicinity of Christmas. And their apathy bleeds over into the junior class.  

So what do I do when I have a stressful day at work?  

Today I picked up my son, made cheesecake pancakes for supper (they’re exactly what they sound like, and delicious), and went to tennis.  That’s an evening to lift anyone’s spirits.  

But just in case you need a little something extra, here’s some Pearl Jam:

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No post yesterday due to no electricity in the house, but today the power is back on.   It’s been a long week, but it was nice getting to spend time with my parents and my son.  The bad news, as far as school is concerned, is that my week of review for the AP Chemistry test just disappeared and the test is Monday morning.  Hopefully my students will take it upon themselves to work through the review sheets I gave them today.

I did get a chance to take a few pictures around Beebe.  If you’re curious what it looked like around town the day after the storm, here you go.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had a lot of help Tuesday morning cutting up and removing our trees. They’d probably still be sitting in the backyard without Robbie, Todd, Jack, Bethany, Cody, and Chad. Thanks to them for all of their help. The good news for Beebe is that while some of our trees, vehicles, and homes were damaged, our people weren’t. The town of Vilonia, and a huge swath of Mississippi, Georgia, and especially Alabama weren’t so fortunate, and those are the folks who could really use our prayers and our help right about now.

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This is the most days out for weather that I can remember.  I don’t like missing this close to the end.  We’re all doing fine, and I hope everyone out there is too.  We had a couple of Bradford Pear trees down in our backyard from the storms Monday night, but we got them taken care of today.  We’re staying at my parents tonight – they have electricity and we still don’t – so I’m not sure what my yard is going to look like tomorrow.  I’ll have a larger post with pictures if my electricity comes back on tomorrow.

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As you get older and organized sports become a relic of high school years long past, moments of glory on the field or court become fewer and farther between.  Besides the fact that there are less opportunities for greatness, your body is no longer tuned to the sort of precision it needs to capitalize on them when they occur.  So last night when an older, less in-shape male faculty team took the court against the  younger, more in-shape student team for a charity game to benefit the Beebe Public Education Foundation’s scholarship fund, expectations were a little low.  Many of the students had just ended a basketballs season that resulted in a near conference title and a chance to play in the State tournament.  Also they can dunk.  Many of the faculty had just stepped on a court for the first time in at least a year.

It was a hard fought game, and, besides a slightly biased tip-off toss, it was called pretty fairly by the refs.  I don’t want to spend too much time praising my own on court efforts.  It’s enough to say that I contributed to the final score, and the rebound column on my stats sheet would not be completely empty.

But basketball is a team sport, and the only way we would stand a chance against the students is if we played as a team.

So how did we do?  We won, of course.  I can’t remember the final score, but it was something like 50-43, or 50-45.  There wasn’t a point in the game that we trailed.  It’s hard to believe, looking back, I had so little hope that we could win.

I guess I lacked a faith in wisdom over energy.

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“As of some one gently rapping – rapping at my chamber door.”

Only it wasn’t a visitor.  It was the sound of 4000-5000 dead birds raining on the town of Beebe, AR.   A phenomenon so odd that it made CNN, among other national news outlets.  They’re blaming it on stress from fireworks or maybe a flock getting hit by lightning or high altitude hail.  The fools.

I know an omen when I see one.

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