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I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it.  If you aren’t watching The Walking Dead on AMC, you are missing one of the best shows on television.  The 3rd Season just started last night, so get Netflix and get caught up.


While your at it.  Get The Walking Dead game.  A finer depiction of survival at the end of the world is hard to come by.


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I’ve heard great things about AMC’s original series – Mad Men, Breaking Bad – but I haven’t seen a single episode of either one.  Still I was excited to hear that they were taking one of the best monthly comic series and adapting it for TV.

The Walking Dead.

The picture above is from the comic, but the tagline on it does the best job of explaining what the book is about.  It’s been described as “the zombie movie that never ends”, and at 78 issues and still going strong it’s doing its best to live up to that claim.  It’s a fantastic comic.  It’s frightening and disturbing.  It’s wonderful horror, but it’s also a brilliant study on the nature of humans and the lengths they will go to for survival.

The TV show looks to be shaping up the same way.

So far only two episodes have aired, but they’ve both been outstanding.  Just watch that first episode, particularly the scene near the end where Morgan Jones sits in an upstairs bedroom window with his rifle ready, trying to steel himself enough that he can put down the monster that used to be his wife.

It’s good stuff.

I know zombies have been overdone in the last few years; that they’ve somehow saturated horror pop culture.  But forget all of that.  This is the best that it’s done.  No camp.  No gore so over-the-top it’s farcical.  Just a story about characters trying to survive.

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