Still Alive

So sorry to keep you waiting.  Have you been here long?

I’ve been away, but I think I may be back now.  Only, if we want this thing to continue, there may have to be some changes.

I hope you like them.

You see I’ve been a little busy lately.  We’ve started the process of adopting a child from Haiti, and apparently that takes a lot of physical and mental energy.  Who knew?

Well, everyone who’s ever tried it, of course, but I meant besides them.

Anyway, here we are.  I’ve been gone too long.  Besides the adoption, keeping up with the blog started to feel more like work, only it was work I didn’t have to do.  So I took a hiatus.   I won’t promise to post four or five times a week.  I’ll post when I have stuff to post about, and I’ll not try and force it.  But that means there may be a few days when I’ve got nothing to say, and we certainly don’t want to fill the space with random Wikipedia articles.

That means I may need some help…


The Winds are Changing...

When it comes to new music I’m not the hippest cat on the scene.  I rely heavily on my brother to introduce me to anything interesting out there, which he dutifully does for me every year.  But one newer band that I did find out about before he’s yearly ‘Best of…” CD is Mumford & Sons.  In the last year and half or so, I’ve probably listened to their album Sigh No More over a hundred times.   I love it.  I love the folksy sound, the beautiful harmonies, the passion, and the energy.  Their next album, Babel, comes out on September 24th, and it thankfully looks to be more of the same.  I for one will be right there waiting to buy it on day one.

And by there, I mean here at my computer.  I’ll probably just download it from Amazon.

Here’s one of the new songs:


This week is the week for the Beebe church of Christ VBS.  So if you’re looking to pack the kids off somewhere for an hour and a half or so, we start at 7:00 pm.  It’s a fun superhero theme this year.  Of course it isn’t just for kids.  One neat thing that we do is offer some really interesting classes for adults.  Tonight’s was a great talk on Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  Although, if you can’t make it to the live version, we will have the lessons posted on our website.  Look under sermons.

Sale of Sales

English: Steam logo

English: Steam logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So Steam’s Summer Sale began a few days ago.  It’s an exciting time because I have some money that I got for my birthday, and I’m going to buy video games with it just like I haven’t been out of high school for over ten years.  Here’s what I’ve bought so far:

Shogun 2: Total War    $7.50

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare     $3.74

The Walking Dead     $14.99

I was very excited to find The Walking Dead for $10 off (still available as of this posting by the way).  I’ve heard great things about the first two installments, and I’m anxious to play them. If you’re looking for some great pc games on the cheap, you can buy Amnesia: The Dark Descent (otherwise known as the scariest game ever made) for $4.99 for the next six hours, and Portal 2 is $9.99 (although I’ve seen it drop as low as $4.99, and it may again before the sale is over).

I’ve still got my eye on a couple of things.  If Skyrim drops low enough I’ll be tempted to grab it, although I have no idea when I’ll find the time to play it.

Any recommendations?


A Cool Story

Cover of "Vs."

Cover of Vs.

Apparently if you’re the number one fan of the greatest rock band since the Beatles, you get to do cool stuff.

Like create a set list for a concert.

If I’ve figured it out right (and I’m sure I have because it includes Bugs), this is the set list that Farias put together.

My own would look something like this:

Set 1
Life Wasted
The Fixer
Unthought Known
In My Tree
Better Man
Hail Hail
Worldwide Suicide
Nothing as it Seems
Can’t Keep
Given to Fly

Encore 1
Do the Evolution
I Got Id

Encore 2
I’ve Got a Feeling
Glorified G
Baba O’Riley
Yellow Ledbetter

I felt compelled to try and include at least two songs off of all of their studio albums, just for fairness sake.  Even so, it’s obviously heavy on the early stuff, and I’m not sure I was able to find two off Riot Act I would like to hear more than any of the others.  What should I have included that I didn’t?  Or should I have put them in a different order?

Southern Living claimed it was, and Serious Eats gave it a nice write-up here.   So when I found out I was coming to Russellville for a week of professional development my one goal (besides learning new and better ways to engage my students in learning), was to eat at CJ’s Butcher Boy Burgers.  I accomplished that goal on the first night here.

I’m pleased to report that CJ’s serves up an incredible burger.  The fresh-ground beef is sitting balled-up in a glass butcher case when you come in.  After you order (you only have two choices by the way, the single burger or the double burger), They take out a ball of meat, slap it on the griddle, and flatten it with a burger press.  All right in front of you.  While the cook is doing that, another worker takes a potato and cuts the fries.  That’s right, the potato making your fries isn’t even cut until you order.    And it all comes together into a perfectly cooked, juicy, flavorful package at the end.  Also their chocolate malts are good.  When people think Russellville, they usually think Feltner’s Whatta-Burger.  Don’t get me wrong, Whatta-Burger is good.

But CJ’s is better.

Is it the best burger in Arkansas?  I don’t know.  There’s too many out there I haven’t tried.  Arkansas Burger Company in Little Rock makes a great one, and on my birthday I had the feta and pesto burger at Dizzy’s Gypsy Bistro in the River Market (The patty on that thing was at least an inch and a half thick and perfectly cooked all the way through.  How did they do that?), and it was pretty awesome.  But CJ’s definitely deserves to be in running.  If you find yourself in the Russellville area sometime, you’d be doing yourself – okay maybe not your heart, but definitely your stomach – a favor by stopping at CJ’s.