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Still Alive

So sorry to keep you waiting.  Have you been here long?

I’ve been away, but I think I may be back now.  Only, if we want this thing to continue, there may have to be some changes.

I hope you like them.

You see I’ve been a little busy lately.  We’ve started the process of adopting a child from Haiti, and apparently that takes a lot of physical and mental energy.  Who knew?

Well, everyone who’s ever tried it, of course, but I meant besides them.

Anyway, here we are.  I’ve been gone too long.  Besides the adoption, keeping up with the blog started to feel more like work, only it was work I didn’t have to do.  So I took a hiatus.   I won’t promise to post four or five times a week.  I’ll post when I have stuff to post about, and I’ll not try and force it.  But that means there may be a few days when I’ve got nothing to say, and we certainly don’t want to fill the space with random Wikipedia articles.

That means I may need some help…


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There Was A Dream that Was Blogjammin’…

The Winds are Changing...

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