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I don’t care if it is a musical, this trailer got me excited to see this movie.

Les Miserables is the only live theater production I’ve ever seen.  But what a first!  My wife and I went to London a few years ago, and decided we should dress up and go out to the theater one night.  I chose what we saw, but to be honest I picked it with only the vaguest notions of what it was like or even about.  When the curtain went up, I was transfixed for hours.  The songs are wonderful, the story powerful, and the sets range from an effective use of a single light to evoke a sewer to the massive and elaborate barricade.  If you ever get a chance to see it, you should.

English: Les Miserables at Queen's Theatre, as...

English: Les Miserables at Queen’s Theatre, as seen in the day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But if you can’t get to a live production, and you don’t want to wait until December to see what it’s all about, I’ve got good news for you!  It’s also a book by 19th Century French author Victor Hugo.  Don’t let the oldness and Frenchness put you off.  If you do, you’ll be missing out on a beautiful story of forgiveness and redemption.  Also quite a bit of stuff about the sewers under Paris.  Besides being a little on the long side, it’s not all that difficult to read.

And it’s very much worth it.

You have plenty of time to finish it between now and December.  The musical is fantastic, but it really is a singing summary of an even better book.


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In honor of the first non-holiday day of summer vacation, I’m going to do on my blog what I plan on doing in my life.

Take it easy.

The subject of this week’s random Wikipedia article is:

Laï Airport.

I’m willing to bet that I never, ever fly into that airport.

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I’m just going to use this every year to celebrate the end of school!


I used this video last year, and I’m using it again.  Today is the last day of school, and I’m too busy celebrating to write a blog post.  Alice Cooper and the Muppets say it all for me.


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I was a little nervous about biting into this burger.   The perfection of the outside set such a high standard, that I didn’t think there was anyway the inside could live up to it.

But it did.

Oh it did.

This is probably the best burger I’ve ever made.


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It’s Monday.  But it’s not just any Monday.   Today is the first day of the last week of school.   Four more days and then it’s summer.  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a few days relaxing at home.  Fortunately this week is mostly just coasting until time to go home.  I’ll be giving tests, tidying up my room, prepping a little for next year, etc.  But the train is finally pulling into the station.

Or out.

I’m not really sure which way that metaphor makes the most sense.

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Congrats to classes of 2012 everywhere, but especially to those from Beebe High School.  Graduation was tonight and once again the faculty participated.  Even though it was blazing hot at first, it was worth it.

Good ceremony.

Good speeches.

Good class.

And I’m not just saying that about the speeches because I was thanked in one.

Now go out and make the world better.

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It’s been a while, so you knew it was coming sooner or later.  I hope the anticipation didn’t do terrible things to your already over-stressed heart.  The subject of this week’s random Wikipedia article is:

Ference Marton.

I’ve never heard of him, so he’s no Harry Wong.

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