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I’ve been reading The Language of Science and Faith by Dr.s Karl Giberson and Francis Collins.  I like books about the relationship between science and religion, and as far as they go, this is a pretty good one.  Here they are quoting John Polkinghorne (A great scientist and theologian.  You should read his books) about that very subject:

Neither [science nor religion] attains exhaustive knowledge – for the exploration of nature  continually reveals new and unexpected insights, and the infinite reality of God will always exceed the grasp of finite human beings – but both believe that they achieve verisimilitude, the making of maps of aspects of reality that are adequate for some, but not every, purpose.

What do you think?



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Angels (Within Temptation song)

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Why don’t we stop all of this dancing around and get right down to it.  The subject of this week’s random Wikipedia article is:

Angels (Within Temptation song).

I didn’t even know ‘symphonic metal/rock’ was a genre.  C’mon, Matt!  This has been woefully underrepresented on your ‘best of’ lists.  Just look at this description of the music video:

The video is shot in a desert in Spain. It tells the story of a group of vigilanteangels who make it their mission to wipe out evil. Sharon den Adel is a woman who has been seemingly abandoned on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. She accepts a lift from a priest, who takes her back to his home. The priest is in fact a demonicserial killer, who adopts different disguises to get to his victims. All of these disguises are trustworthy people, like a doctor, a police officer, a clown, judge, or a priest. As Sharon stumbles upon a board full of newspaper clippings in the killers home, which are about his previous victims, he seemingly overpowers her with chloroform. He takes a tied up Sharon to the middle of the desert to bury her alive. However, Sharon immediately awakens as the other angels approach (the other band members) and is revealed to also be one of the angels, who was left at the side of the road as bait for the serial killer, during which time the rest of the vigilantes appear and the killer is confronted with the spirits of his victims, who destroy him. The vigilantes then move onto their next target.

That’s gotta rock!

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The First Thanksgiving, painted by Jean Leon G...

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To me!  Yes, I inadvertently took the Thanksgiving holiday off from blogging.  Maybe I didn’t have time, maybe I slipped into a three-day turkey coma, or maybe I just didn’t have any good ideas.  Whatever the reason, I intended to keep up with the blog, but obviously failed to.  But wait, you say hopefully to yourself, doesn’t this mean there is now a plethora of exciting new ideas stored up and waiting to be poured into cyberspace?  Well maybe.   I guess we’ll find out after tomorrow’s random Wikipedia article.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  I know we did.


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Guess what today is?  Did you guess, my last day of work for the week?  Because it is.  To celebrate, here’s the last learning any of us will do for five days.  The subject of this week’s random Wikipedia article is:

Screenshot of Wikipedia's portal www.wikipedia...

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What a crummy article.

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Let’s let everyone’s favorite webcomic, xkcd, give everyone a lesson on money and scale.  This thing is pretty fascinating, and takes more than a little time to pore over.  Enjoy.

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And For the Finale

How about for the final video of what became Video Week, apparently, we watch two guys with cellos play Welcome to the Jungle.



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I’ve considered showing this in my Wednesday night class on the history of Churches of Christ.  He sums it up quite nicely.  The is a consistent thread running throughout our history, popping up periodically to cause problems and has been for 150 years.  You’d have to be blind, or stubbornly ignorant, not to see it.  When Scripture is silent, do we have freedom or a prohibition.

Also, I think it must be video week for the blog.

Or maybe it’s lazy week for the blogger.

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