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What can be said about our dear friend Yarnell’s?   He made people happy, and I think that’s the best place to start.  Because really isn’t that what we all hope to be able to say one day?  He could put a smile on any face, unless taken too fast, and our parties and picnics and potlucks will all be a little darker without him.  Beloved by children, the elderly, and everyone in between, Yarnell’s never met a stranger, and I know of no one who, after meeting him, came away dissatisfied.  He wore a lot of faces, our Yarnell’s.  He could be anything to anyone, you just had to look.  He was there to help us celebrate in our happiest times, and there to give us comfort in our grief.  And it will be in those times that this loss will be felt most keenly.  So I raise these scoops to you, Yarnell’s.  There’s an empty space in our grocer’s freezer that will never be the same.

Unless you shop at Knights.  They’ll leave that crap on the shelf until it’s so crusted with freezer burn you can’t read what flavor you’re buying.



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This is one of Empire Magazines pictures of Peter Jackson’s take on The Hobbit.  I love it.  It has the same look and feel as Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, and I’m pumped about that.  I think Martin Freeman as Bilbo will be great, and I couldn’t be more excited to see Ian Mckellen reprise Gandalf.

Seeing this reminds me of a time in the fall of 1999 – a full two years before opening day of The Fellowship of the Ring – when Peter Jackson released an eight minute or so long internet teaser for his movies.  I must have watched that thing a hundred times.  A lot of it was Peter Jackson talking, but you got great shots of an insanely large orc army, and it ended with the scene where the fellowship walks over a mountain in single file so you get a great look at all of them.  I can remember talking to my friend Vernon about it over and over again, pouring over every detail.   It was exciting.

And now we get the Hobbit!

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Finally, you say!  It’s that time again.  I know you haven’t been holding your breath since the last random Wikipedia article on Friday, because then you’d be dead and not reading my blog.  Shame on you.  For the rest of us with the good sense to breath on a regular basis, the subject of this week’s random Wikipedia article is:

Kazimierz Mastalerz.

When I saw that  he was a commander in the Pomeranian Cavalry Brigade, I immediately assumed it meant his men rode one of these ferocious beasts into battle.   Now that would be terrifying.

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Today the Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional to ban the sale of violent video games to minors.  You know what that means?  A copy of God of War III in every elementary classroom!

Really I’m of two mind about this.  First, kids don’t really need to be playing games with lots of violence and mature themes like Red Dead Redemption, or Dead Space, or Tetris.  Those things get in your head.  But on the other hand, how will my son ever be prepared for the zombie apocalypse if he doesn’t have a decent zombie killing simulator?  And really, would these games be any worse for him than reading Stephen King stories to him at bedtime then telling him there’s a clown under his bed?  I mean seriously, how do you get your kid to stay put after you lay them down?

What this is really about, though, is national defense.  If we ban sales of violent video games to minors, the army will suffer.  Think about it.  A recruiter comes to their high school when they are fifteen or sixteen and piques their interest.  Three Call of Duty games later they enlist and instantly become Green Berets.  The only draw-back is they all believe they have a health bar that will replenish when they duck behind some trash cans.  But if all those kids have to play is Super Mario Galaxy?  Half our soldiers will be stuck in pipes and the other half will get shot trying to jump on the enemy’s head.  Oh, and they’ll think they can breathe in space.

That might be a problem when we finally have to fend off the alien invasion.

I guess now it’s up to parents to monitor what our kids play, read, and watch.  As if we have the time!  Now I’ll be up all night playing violent game after violent game to see what my kid’s allowed to play when he gets older. I might even have to watch some R-rated movies!  How come nobody told me what it really takes to be a good parent?

If you want a summary of the major arguments made by the supreme court justices, Kotaku.com has a good post about it here.  If you would prefer to not read anything but go on an ignorant rant anyway, my comments section is always open.

I apologize to anyone who saw the title of this blog and hoped everyone was finally going to get justice.  It’s still just for rich people.

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I’ve slacked off on my blog some this week.  The application for state funding for National Board candidacy is all due Monday, and I’ve been working on the writing prompts and trying to get all of that stuff together.  Maybe I’ll do better next.  Until then, the subject of this week’s random Wikipedia article is:

Matthew 6:22.

Does every verse in the Bible have its own Wikipedia page complete with various interpretations?

I just checked, the answer is no.

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No notes this week.  We’re still working through the same material I posted last week.  But we did spend some time with this quote from Alexander Campbell:

A Christian is one who believes that Jesus is the Christ, repents of his sins, and obeys him in all things according to his understanding.

I’ll pose the same question to you that I did the class.  Is this a good definition of a Christian?


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Every time he speaks he says what I’m thinking, just better and funnier.  I really wonder what Chris Wallace is thinking during this interview.  I like to think it’s “Good Lord, he’s right!”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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